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Freedom FC Tryout Dates:

Freedom FC 01/02 Girls 

 May 18th: 8:30am - 10:00am


Freedom FC 03 Girls

May 18th: 8:30am - 10:00am

Freedom FC 04/05 Girls

May 18th: 8:30am - 10:00am


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Why Freedom FC?

Philosophy & Culture

We play a free flowing, possession based style that encourages every player to be confident on the ball and willing to take chances on the field.  

We challenge our players to learn to play in different formations & positions on the field. We do this because we feel it improves our players ability to read the game and to learn to see the game through a different perspective. We believe that at the highest level, players must be able to problem solve and adapt to different situations in a game.

We value the person just as much as we value the player, & we recognize that it is our job to help develop both. 

We preach competition, accountability, and teamwork. We empower our athletes with the tools needed to be mentally strong on the field, and the character skills needed to be good citizens off the field. We recognize that it is about more than soccer, and we have a created a culture that truly reflects that. 


COST & Travel budget

Our Travel Fees are $1,600/Year which are broken down into an Initial $250 Deposit & 8 Payments of $168 (June 1st, July 1st,  August 1st, September 1st, October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1st).

What's Included?

  • Travel Soccer League Fees (NCSL or Other)
  • VISTA Membership & League Fees
  • Coaching Stipends (Fall & Spring)
  • Professional GK & Year-Round Futsal Training
  • Professional Speed & Agility Training w/ 360 Health & Fitness (Fall)
  • FFC Training Jersey & Ball
  • Practice/Game Field Fees
  • $4,000 Tournament Budget
  • State Cup/President's Cup Tournament Fees
  • Winter Practices Included
  • Freedom FC Team Trace Video Access: Access to Game Film to Review, Breakdown, & Analyze as a team. All players get individual highlights from each game. 
  • Winter Futsal League Fees
  • Special FFC Tournament Jerseys

What is NOT Included:

  • Team Custom Nike Home/Away Kits
  • Team Warm Ups & Spirit Wear
  • Winter Strength Training w/ 360 Health & Fitness
League Play

Currently Freedom FC Teams play in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), one of the top leagues in the DC-Metro Area. Our 2003G team has also had the opportunity to play in CCL as a guest team under one of the other local clubs in the area.

Speed & Agility, Strength & conditioning training

Soccer requires a high fitness ability, which is why we have partnered with 360 Health & Fitness to keep our Athletes at Peak Athletic Performance. 

FFC Players train in the Fall with 360 Health & Fitness on developing their speed & agility mechanics- along with plenty of recovery sessions and team yoga sessions to keep our athletes healthy and fresh. 

FFC Players will also train with 360 Health & Fitness in the Winter Off-Season at their Warrenton, VA Facility. Winter sessions will focus on strength training and individual player development. 

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Juan Garcia

Head Coach/Program Director

Phone: 703-344-8976